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Electrical wholesaler is an online electrics wholesaler, that operates a nationwide online order service. We work with UK manufacturers, as well as international ones, such as: 

Schneider Electric, HagerKontakt SimonKarlikOspelZuma LineEdo SolutionsSpotlineZamelNowodvorskiPhilips, and GTV.

Our shop’s full range

In our electronics store, which is avalible online for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can order interior lighting  – recessed lightsstaircase lampswall, ceilingandfloor lamps, as well aschandeliers, lampshades and downlights. We're fully aware, that proper lighting can make a huge difference in a room and create the desired atmosphere. That's why in our store we offer a broad range of interior lighting, that can function well in different environments - from kitchen, to living room and bedroom. In our store you can also find products, that are useful in every home - a properly chosen desk lamp, provides us with a suitable source of light, for when you do your homework and work in the evening. When it comes to outdoor lighting, we offer floodlights and LED halogen lights, driven spotlights, sockets and switches, as well as furniture and table sockets. We didn't forget to include a wide range of standing lamps, posts, overhead ground lights, pendant lamps, outdoor ceiling lamps and staircase light fixtures, which will perform amazingly as additional lightsources for either your home, or your garden. For homeowners, we recommend useful products that make controlling your house easier and automate various things, such as digital video intercoms, motion and twilight sensors, smoke, gas and carbon monoxide detectors, bells and gongs, video surveillance systems, and SMART Home systems and locks.

Lightsources in our shop's offer

Lightsources we offer include LED Lightbulbs, halogen lightbulbs, LED floodlights, LED tapes and strips, that are produced by world renowned manufacturers like Philips and OSRAM. It's worth noting, that LED lighting has a significantly lower energy usage, which makes it an increasingly popular choice among customers all around the world. It is also more durable and lasts longer, than traditional lightbulbs, so we don't have to replace them as often, which is good for the environment (and your wallet too!). We have ensured, to include not only lighting made for use in houses and apartments, but also technical lighting, that is perfect for use in storage facilities, factories, production halls, shopping malls and other buildings with commercial purposes. Optimal lighting provides a reliable lightsource and increases safety in the workplace, that's why wy provide a wide choice of energy-saving LED panels, cable, hermetic, raster, and dust-proof luminaires. We also stock a variety of cables, extension cords, switchgears and modular apparatuses.

If you have any questions, you’re welcome to contact us.